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01 Jun 2023

97% tax scale – are we going for a Guinness Book record?

The paths followed by the thoughts of our legislators are still full of mysteries. Well, after all, how else to treat the idea to tax income at a rate of 97%, if not to be in the Guinness Book of Records, as the highest tax rate in the world? How about the desire to receive […]

29 Apr 2023

Another changes in the RES sector, that is few words about perspective…

A perspective has a multidimensional definition. Following the dictionary, it is both: “the point of view from which something is presented or evaluated,” as well as “that what is possible to predict in the future,” and also “a distance in time that allows proper evaluation of events”. We have a new opening in the RES […]

23 Dec 2022

Bench, a few words about the feeling of community for Christmas

Driving around Polish villages lately on private and business matters, I realised something was missing. It’s about a very everyday thing, that is… a bench. It’s not a mistake; there are no benches in the Polish countryside!  Memories… I grew up in a small Mazovian village of the street type with 150 people. From childhood, […]