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23 Dec 2022

Bench, a few words about the feeling of community for Christmas

Driving around Polish villages lately on private and business matters, I realised something was missing. It’s about a very everyday thing, that is… a bench. It’s not a mistake; there are no benches in the Polish countryside!  Memories… I grew up in a small Mazovian village of the street type with 150 people. From childhood, […]

30 Sep 2022

Is it finally the time for a private wire?

After many years of unsuccessful attempts to introduce to Polish energy market regulations true — as opposed to apparent — provisions pertaining to private wire, the publication date of proposed amendments (22 September — another draft amendment to the Energy Law) gives rise to hopes that this will finally happen, although we are far from […]

07 Jun 2022
Tundra Advisory_OZE_zmiany

Everything flows – all about the expected legislative changes in RES projects

Closer, and closer… According to the old saying: “Everything flows” (from Latin: Panta rhei). Obviously, as in real life, the pace of change varies. The amendment to the Distance Act, keeping to an ancient references has been reminiscent of Odysseus’s journey to Ithaca in recent years. Fortunately, the change in this legislation has been transferred […]