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07 Jun 2022
Tundra Advisory_OZE_zmiany

Everything flows – all about the expected legislative changes in RES projects

Closer, and closer… According to the old saying: «Everything flows» (from Latin: Panta rhei). Obviously, as in real life, the pace of change varies. The amendment to the Distance Act, keeping to an ancient references has been reminiscent of Odysseus’s journey to Ithaca in recent years. Fortunately, the change in this legislation has been transferred […]

21 Dic 2021

FRV enters the Polish renewable market in alliance with Tundra Advisory

• Through this agreement FRV will start off its operations in the European country. • FRV enters Polish renewable energy market through an agreement with Tundra Advisory to develop solar energy projects. • FRV highlights ambition for expansion in Europe and globally. • Tundra Advisory is the subsidiary of the Spanish company Taiga Mistral, focused […]