Taiga Inversiones Eolicas is a Spanish private equity established to implement renewable energy projects in the EU. In 2008, Taiga commissioned us to develop and implement a strategy for the fund to enter the Polish market. In the first years of cooperation, we focused on searching for attractive projects, their verification and acquisition. The result of these activities was the realization of three farms: Kobylnica, Subkowy and Nowotna with a total capacity of about 90 MW. We have been managing these assets from the moment of their construction, constantly optimizing them.

Santander Energias Renovables I (Sersa) is a Spanish private equity, whose majority shareholder is Banco Santander, established to implement renewable energy projects. As a result of the co-investment agreement between Taiga and Sersa, we provide our services simultaneously to both entities, who own three wind farms in Poland.

Eurus Energy Europe B.V. develops, manages and invests in renewable energy projects around the world, specializing in wind and photovoltaic projects. As part of the cooperation, we conducted analyses for 5 projects ready for construction, with a total capacity of 40 MW. The scope of our activities included the assessment of the land ownership status, location, connection and environmental issues, as well as analysis of the obtained building permits together with their technical documentation. The purpose of the analysis was to support the client in making decisions about purchasing projects and entering the Polish market.

Oaktree Capital Management is a leading global alternative investment management company specializing in credit strategies. We were commissioned to conduct a due diligence procedure for existing projects with a total capacity of 180 MW. The analysis covered the financial and technical aspects, as well as the issue of the land ownership status.

PKN ORLEN is the largest producer and distributor of petroleum and petrochemical products in Poland. It deals with the processing of crude oil into such products as: unleaded gasoline, diesel oil, heating oil, aviation fuel, plastics and petrochemical products. The Group also conducts exploration, recognition and extraction of hydrocarbons, and produces, distributes and trades in electricity and heat. And also our business partner in the field of commercial management of the group’s wind farms.

FRV is the leader in providing comprehensive
renewable energy solutions across the globe in
markets including Australia, Asia, Middle East, Europe,
and Latin America. They believe in improving energy
performance and competitiveness and transforming
these solutions into the most economic, sustainable,
and accessible option for our clients, investors,
governments and, of course, users. Currently, we are the only FRV’s representative and business partner in Poland.